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Government, through the Cabinet Office, have pledged to support the #iwill campaign run by Step up to Serve.  The campaign aims to increase, by 50%, participation in youth social action (volunteering, fundraising and campaigning) among 10-20 year olds by the year 2010.

UK Youth and, as a founding funder of Step up to Serve, Pears Foundation, are fully committed to increasing the number of high quality inclusive opportunities for young people to engage in meaningful social action.

Because of this, it is an important element of this programme.

They have agreed a set of six principles that underpin high quality, meaningful youth social action.  In any context whether that’s online, formal, informal or schools based, the best youth social action applies these six principles:

  • Challenging (stretching and ambitious as well as enjoyable and enabling)
  • Youth-led (led, owned and shaped by young people’s needs, ideas and decision making)
  • Socially Impactful (have a clear intended benefit to a community, cause or social problem)
  • Progressive (sustained, and providing links to other activities and opportunities)
  • Embedded (accessible to all, and well integrated to existing pathways to become a habit for life)
  • Reflective (recognising contributions as well as valuing critical reflection and learning)

Step up to Serve coordinate the #iwill campaign, a national campaign that is spreading the word about the benefits of youth social action, working to embed it in the journey of young people and create fresh opportunities for participation.  The current #iwill focus is on generating new #iwill pledges! So far more than 500 business, education, public and voluntary sector supporters have made their #iwill pledges.

As part of the programmes – we’d like you to make a #iwill pledge.

How can I make my pledge meaningful?

Ask these questions:

                How can you make your pledge clear and focused?

                Is your pledge measureable and are you clear about what’s needed to achieve your aims?

                Is your pledge relevant to the strategy and six principles of high quality social action?

                How will you show your progress?

Click #Iwill to make your pledge today!

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